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Frequently Asked Questions from the CMP

Q: I have a custom model and would like them produced.

A: We produce CMP custom models, we have not yet seen any of these available, although we do do some very basic ones. Please contact us at the links above if you are not sure what to get (please don’t send us anything that is illegal).

“One thing that happened early on about the Trump campaign was I got the call from the campaign chairman, and he said he was going to call me up at three in the morning to tell me that Trump had secured the nomination,” Trump said during a campaign rally in Florida on Tuesday night. “But the first thing he said was that they thought it was going to be a contest for the delegates, and he wanted to make sure that, the last thing he said to me was, oh, we’re so glad that we got rid of a lot of people.”

The second part of this interview with Dr. Stephen Hawking will be published in the next issue of National Geographic.

Dr. Stephen Hawking may well be one of the world’s most famous scientists—a man who knows the history of science and technology better than most. In this second part of an interview he conducted exclusively for National Geographic, he reveals details about what inspired him to pursue a life of science.

Why did you decided to take science as a career?

Well, it wasn’t easy. I was a teacher – a pretty good science teacher – but for some reason I never felt very good about it. So I turned instead to art. I started painting things, and it started to seem pretty good to me to paint with light; to paint with a lot of light, not just a little. So I put into practice for my first year of university my training as a professional painter; that was the great mistake – I didn’t spend enough time practising. So I had to repeat my degree in physics at Cambridge. It was an interesting experience.

Was it difficult to move out from Cambridge with nothing?

Not at all. I had been at Cambridge in a completely different time, after Einstein’s death. He was a person who had made a huge impact on me. He got all my interest, he helped me a lot with the work on quantum electrodynamics, and gave me lots of things. He

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