What you need for a woodworking shop?


Sanding block

Bending tool

Biting tool


Carpenter’s square and cutting mat

Table saw


Saw horse



How to get started:

In order to get a wood shop, you either need to spend a year of your life taking wood products out of a box, or learn to become a woodworking hobbyist. We will start by teaching you how to set up some basic tools for your shop: the sanding block (if you have one) and the bending tools.

Step 1: Buy the tool.

As with any hobby, you need to buy the tools you have time to practice with. Sanding block is a very inexpensive and easy tool to buy. This is going to be the most important tool we are going to be able to teach you.

I also recommend buying a cutting mat so you can work out your wood while you work on sanding and bending block.

What You Need:

Sandpaper at least 220 grit

Small amount of sanding fluid like Vaseline




Step 2: Set the bench.

Most woodworking shops require a bench to be set up when you are finished. If you’re an expert woodworker, you might not need to set the bench up, but if you’re a beginner, you should. It’s really important to set up the bench right from the beginning, so that when you get to sanding or bending block, you don’t have to do any extra work to get it set up, and when you’re finished, everything stays straight and works beautifully.

Before you set the bench up, you’re going to need two table saws (or other high speed tables), 1 x 1 foot of table saw lumber, a saw horse, and a cutting mat (or woodworking bench if you prefer).

Once you’re ready to set the bench up, you simply need to mark a location where the bench sits. This way when you get to sanding block, when you get into bending block, you will still be able to see it at all if you’re standing straight up.

Mark the location:

To do so, use the sand paper or sanding fluid you just set up, or you can use the table saw. Use a pencil to trace