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A typical woodhouse frame can be broken down into many different components. This list of components can be split up into categories: 1. Siding (siding is what wraps around the inside of the house) 2. Roofing: this includes the roof sheathing 3. Stucco (also known as a roof deck or paver) 4. Flooring 5. Window/ceiling tiles 6. Exterior doors and windows 7. Exterior doors, windows and doors, and roof 7. Garage doors 8. Electrical 8. HVAC The following are specific to woodhouse construction and is only an introductory guide. Roof: wood is hard; it is resistant to wind, rain and snow. It is a very strong material that is very expensive for every square foot of space it can be used. It is easy to use, and you don’t have to get every kind of wood you can find to make a better panel than the ones that come with your new house. All wood that you get from the home improvement stores has a little bit of bark on it. If you don’t want to look through every package, there is a small amount of bark left in the boxes. If this bark is more like blackened pine than hard pine, the bark will be a bit thicker than what you find in lumber stores. A great piece of wood is: Hardwoods: Maple, oak, spruce, fir, white pine, pin oak. Pine: Birches, spruce, and hemlocks. Walnut, ebony, and oaks will also do. Spruce: Hemlock, ash, and walnut.

Alaskan hardwoods are softer, lighter woods with more bark and less strength than the other hardwoods. Cedar, pine, and sycamore offer more saponification in wood and are very water and fire resistant.

The most important considerations are: Do you want fire resistant? Most wood is fire resistant; just because you use wood doesn’t mean that it will burn. Do you want insulation at the house level? Wood is great insulation, but it is not the whole story. There is a good reason that wood insulation doesn’t last forever.

There are some fire resistant finishes (e.g. oil-in-laminate) that are more expensive than wood. Use the following information to determine which wood might be best for a project based on your space. It is a good idea to also know wood type, since a piece of maple or

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