What sewing items sell best? – Woodworking Business For Sale Wisconsin Dells

The first thing you need to decide is which sewing item you plan on selling. You should look at the type of product you plan to make, and your needs, which will inform your sales approach. Is it a single item you plan to produce the pattern for, or a package that includes several items? You’ll want to get an idea what your needs are and how much you will need to invest in your project. If the answer is “one sewing item,” you’ll want to do what little research you can put yourself into for buying it and making sure it’ll do what you want before you buy it.

When you’re ready for your sale, look at what your customers are looking for, and get in touch with them. What can you offer them that they wouldn’t expect? You can use a few options:

Buy for an immediate commission, and ask if the customer agrees. If the customer doesn’t want to commission you, buy for a small commission and set yourself up for a future sale with that customer. For example, you could make a pair of jeans in three months, then buy some fabric to sew a dress.

Call the customer to see if you can collaborate on a new product. If the customer doesn’t know you, you can call them to see if you can work collaboratively. For example, you could take a pair of socks from one end of the store to the other and have them sew a piece of a dress over them.

In fact, you can even find ways to partner with customers. You can offer a discount to them, or you could offer them a free pattern. If they need a certain part, they can always use a free pattern to try and figure out how to make it.

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