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The answer is the best answer that seems to interest people. What sells fast is a new, unique, high-quality product that provides instant relief for a problem. Products that seem cheap, and therefore easy to use, often sell poorly. The good thing about quick and easy products is they are not “baked in”, i.e., the solution has to be found from scratch. For instance, quick and easy, or “high-tech” products that sound “advanced but require extensive training”. The truth is most “smart” products are “low-tech” or “fast”, and have to be found by looking at your body.

Most of our favorite quick and easy products rely on a combination of good ingredients (not just the ones we see on the show) and a strong sense of “rightness” from our customers. This means, even better products than that show (which were often low-tech), are often more complicated.

It can take a minimum of 6 months after you buy “quick and easy” to see any results (especially if you go slow) but as you move up in size, your product will likely improve more rapidly. This is often why we say that you might be asking yourself if you are really getting the best product.

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The following chart shows how much faster your product usually improves than a “tough and high-tech” product which usually costs at least $3000 (and often much more). You will notice that it also shows when you are not buying “quick and easy” and you use the product.

Quick and Easy vs. Tough and Hightech

Most of the time people don’t notice the difference, but it is still important to note the difference. One quick and easy may improve your skin or improve the appearance of wrinkles more quickly than another. One hard and high-tech may reduce irritation and tighten your skin more quickly than a “quick and easy” product.

What happens if I decide to “go low-tech”?

If you have an allergy to some of the ingredients, or are allergic to some chemical coatings, a lower-tech product might be the only option which might work better. A lot of products don’t have these problems or can be used without causing a reaction. In such cases, there is no need to buy a “quick and easy” product if you are going to use another type of product (e.g., using one of the “high-tech” products below). If using

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