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It’s not just a game I’m tired of playing, and I’ve gone through more than one attempt at finishing it. The last time I got around to playing it, I was only able to complete it because I was doing some research on the series after watching that video of them talking about it. I found out that the original Japanese was pretty bad, even worse than the English version; all the “titles” for the Japanese version were literally the names of the episodes they were showing. Even the Japanese script was bad. The second attempt I was able to get the game done was because of an “insider” who sold me the entire game. Now he only lets me finish it when things aren’t so bad, so I have to do it again. But if it’s even a little bit worse, he goes a little rogue and lets me finish my first attempt (which was a total joke of course).


Cuba has agreed to help the United States fight Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, officials say.

The countries will provide training and equipment, officials tell The Associated Press. The United States and Cuba have long had a strained history, with the United States denying Havana’s access to the island.

Now the United States plans to extend the visa waiver that allows Cubans to travel to the United States, the officials said. That may have been an attempt to quell Havana’s growing concern over being denied entry by American officials.

The White House and Department of Homeland Security both declined to comment Tuesday.

The announcement by the two countries comes as Washington and Tehran clash in the Middle East over the Islamic State group. In an interview with the Sunday Times of London, the emir of Iraq spoke extensively about Cuba’s relationship with the Obama administration, adding that the president would support his government’s opposition to the regime in Tehran.

The two countries have also

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