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I guess an old tree with no bark is the best because it will not show you the whole size. We use several different kinds of different kinds of old trees and have lots of good information on this site.

Is it necessary to have a plan for the building?

If you are designing just a single project make sure your builder has the plans before you begin your project. There might be a rule that says that no two things can be put together for more than three walls… but who knows. I always have my builder’s drawings handy for an overview if I need it.
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The first rule of building outdoors is that never ever try to force something. I mean never! I know some people are scared to get their hands dirty, but when you know something can break under your feet, it makes the project a much more enjoyable experience.

Is there a way to use a nail gun to make a good sign with a signboard?

The nail gun is amazing, but the best way in my opinion would be to use wood glue . I don’t know about you, but I would love to have a good homemade nail gun.

If you are not afraid of putting it inside you can build a wooden sign as simple as a cross, a box, or a square box all with a piece of cardboard. It’s just as fun.

Is there enough room inside for a signboard?

I’ve built more than a dozen outdoor signs and all of them are the same width. Not enough room can be made for a signboard in the building, so make sure that you plan for that as well.

Another example of just how large a signboard can be can be found if you go on the home page of one of those outdoor sign companies. You can buy a single piece of wood that can also be used as frame for a board up to 40-45 inches high for outdoor signs.

I am now doing a sign project with my sons that includes two big 2×2 boards.

Can you show me the best signs to use as signs and what are some examples?

Signs should always be free, simple, and creative with your designs. There are many things that can be done to make a sign more effective and that include making it brighter, easier to read, or a more colorful. Signs should have a good idea of how you are intended to use the sign, but we never have too much information on this topic.

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