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My wife, who is also my business partner, had been a writer before she met me. She started writing blogs and short stories when she was sixteen, but it wasn’t until many years later that we had the opportunity to turn that into a full-time professional career.

When we ran into a publishing issue, I started looking at my blog, then realized that it had more hits than mine – and we quickly learned that we were the obvious choice to write book after book for readers from all over the world.

We spent nearly a year designing our book – and we made more than anyone else out there!

Once we were 100% certain that this was something we could do, we started hiring our first writers. Our first writer’s day was amazing for so many reasons, including the fact that the only other people who were taking their time to make our book looked like we didn’t want to bother – they were not.

What was the most challenging part about creating your business?

My partner and I had written the book and I was sure that it was going to be successful – but we had no idea how to market it properly. When we started, we took no action and just read the books that had come out that day. That day, we realized that if we don’t make any kind of active effort to market it, we are in over our heads. We just decided to have fun.

So we took things one step further and started having a competition.

We decided that we wanted to give everyone else who wants to come to our book a chance to submit their book in one minute. Once we were sure they did not have enough money or time, we’d go around giving out $10 gift cards to the first hundred people that submitted their book. When they submitted theirs, we gave them one $10 gift card each. Once they submitted theirs, we gave them $10 gift cards to the first hundred people that submitted theirs.

By the end of that first day, they had all sent back their book, and it was a very good day for us – and an interesting thing happening was – most of the people who didn’t submit their book got to take a look at it for themselves after submitting their book!

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It was an easy way for them to see what a great effort they’d just made, and we saw a lot more reviews than we’d expected. When I think about it, that was very encouraging. When I give out a

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