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You can call them anything you want, but this is where it gets tricky. There is an organization called the American Woodwork Hall of Fame & Museum that has a list of “HOF” (Home of Excellence) awards for the crafts that they have been involved with during one of their three seasons of eligibility. However, it can get confusing because some of the inductees are known to have been involved as an instructor (Baker) and some are not. To help make things clear, I have created the following list of “Hall of Fame Instructors” that you can check out before deciding if you want to make it in the profession or not.

The best part about our “HOF Instructors” list is to see the other crafts on the list without any restrictions in it. What’s a trade if it isn’t also your profession? Who does the criteria at the bottom of the page? Here are some of the more established HOF Instructors we have on there, with some qualifications and credentials to make you decide if they are your type of instructor or not.

The list below are some of the Hall of Fame Instructors and their qualifications. Some of them are well established in the industry, and some only exist because they were involved in a craftsy project or something that caught their eye.

Note that while you may not know the history of some of these HOF Instructors, there is probably a page on the Hall of Fame website that has their background for you as the craftsman or craftmaker in question. For more information about all the Hall of Fame Instructors, check it out in our “Hall of Fame” page below.

Best of all, it is quite easy to search the Hall of Fame website for those you do know about. Just go to the bottom of the link below and type in the words “Hall of Fame” or “Honorary Hall of Fame.” Your search engine will provide you with a list of Hall of Fame Instructors you can check off at the bottom.

Below you can find all the Hall of Fame Instructors that have been inducted within the last 30 years.

Here are a few examples of the “Honorary Hall of Fame” inductees.

How To Become An HOF Instructor

If you are an HOF-certified instructor, the best part is that you are allowed to become an instructor yourself. You don’t have to be a member of the HOF to do it, nor

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