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What makes it worth the time to learn how to do? The key is understanding what makes a woodworking project enjoyable or frustrating, and getting the motivation to go along for the ride.

The goal here isn’t to make any kind of statement about “good or bad” woodworking techniques or what you or your kids will be doing. Instead, the goal is to help you and your kids create something unique and memorable (at least, the start). While it’s easy to think, as so many people seem to (at least for those who want to claim this is a “top-tier” “craft”), that Woodcraft is “good” for all kinds, that’s not the point of Woodcraft. The point is to give your family members and friends something that they can’t get, something they can’t take back when they want to have the experience of making a beautiful piece of art, something that gives them a sense of ownership and enjoyment that can help them in a variety of directions.
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As a father of two very creative young sons and a couple of very creative young daughters I want all of my children to have the opportunities I have had to share my artistry with my family and friends through Woodcraft projects. My wife and I plan to share our experiences with my brothers and sisters in the near future. You should be able to find the project to create in the instructions we offer. Most have a “good enough” feel—maybe not everything is right, but it’s good enough that you can build a new piece of furniture or take something out to dinner, and it will be something that has real meaning to you or your friends. And if you’ve made something that isn’t as high quality and as original as you wish it would have been (although this isn’t always the case), you can always ask your Woodcraft mentor and instructor to “fix that in a minute.” What does that mean? It means that we can help you figure out things that were confusing or challenging as you went along. We’ll work with you, as you need—because that’s what a family is.

A note about what we make:

We have created a set of wood blocks as a base for our woodworking ideas:

All of the elements (and most of the pieces) are homemade, and all of the ideas are made from scratch.

We try to keep all the pieces handmade, but we also do occasionally use the same materials that are used more frequently. (This is why

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