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(We’re all here for a laugh.)

3) What’s the worst thing to have eaten in America?

We hear you! The worst thing to have eaten in America is probably cheese. We don’t think it would be a bad idea to add a new “worst” to our list, however.

4) What year of the wolf do you think might have been first seen roaming the woods?

It would be 2012.

LONDON — This is how it happened. This has a name of a film — “The Fall.” This is the fall of what is left of the Western world.

In the first scene, you see the main characters gathered in London in the summer of 1945, as the Red Army begins its conquest of Europe. The movie shows all of their triumphal marches to celebrate, a huge celebration in front of Whitehall, which is still in use today. After the victory, an officer who speaks with no accent asks some young people: “Whose idea was it to liberate the Jews?”

The faces of the young people freeze in fear, or in disbelief.

Suddenly, the faces go back to normal and the movie cuts away. A couple of German men walk into the frame, and then back off slowly, like an animal, and the camera cuts away.

This is how it goes. In that moment and every other moment, you witness the most amazing and horrific horror of the history of the world.

You hear it in the sound track. You feel the terror in the actors’ faces and in the camera. You see it in the scenes that are meant to be very solemn; scenes you have never seen before. Scenes where the actor is almost speechless — a woman standing up in an ambulance, for instance. The only moments this movie doesn’t capture are those where its subject looks to be frozen, like in the first scene, just before the soldiers begin to kill the people.

In most of these scenes, the actors’ bodies don’t move, it seems, because the camera has been held down for most of them to freeze. But, even in scenes that don’t give us an accurate look at what the actors are seeing, the camera still captures a tremendous amount of visual detail. You see the faces of the people — their expressions, their reactions — it looks like a very human portrayal because they all have such incredible sensitivity. They have the same face and body movement that you see in real life.

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