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I believe the question is the wrong question! It is very much more useful to ask “what do I want out of a given situation?” We could have used this same question ten years ago, but with the arrival of “click through” or other digital interfaces, we now need to ask a much harder question: “what am I really looking for from a furniture purchase?” If we ask this question, the answer is a good deal more likely to be “I wish there were three more chairs that fit in this space.”

So if you have your own questions about furniture. The most valuable thing to remember is that it is not a given that you will have a question about a certain piece of furniture. What matters will vary substantially according to the individual.

(For more on this topic, check out the book The Four-Piece Question.)

So how do we find out what it is we are really looking for?

The key is to be as specific as possible and as specific as possible is in fact really hard because we can never say definitively that you want a seat that fits one leg or a sofa that fits the middle. But, we can answer our questions by asking the right thing!

Consider the question “What do I want out of a given situation”? Here is your big picture:

The general idea is that “what do I want” is a question that you cannot really answer. What you really want is a situation (something that you are) where you will not be annoyed by one or more components. So if you want a chair that fits all three of your legs (and that you are comfortable in!), is that really what you want?

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Or are you in a two-legged environment where you can be uncomfortable seated without some armrests in the way?

You might be tempted to ask someone, “What do I want from my furniture?” or, “Do chairs usually fit one leg?” (And it should be obvious that this is not the same as actually asking for something else.) Of course, this will require much more time than you probably have (or in this case, that your boss might have given you a list of all the various components that you want). But if we ask this question, our answers are more likely to be more specific because by answering “what do I want”, we are asking for something about the furniture itself, rather than a list of how many pieces fit which leg or seat.

In other words, a lot

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