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I’m starting from scratch.

All I’ve got is:

I’ve got a house with a lot of square footage. So it looks like it’s time to do some quick calculations.

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This is the first floor.

This is the second floor.

And this is the third floor.

This is the fourth floor.

My goal is to have a space from 3 to 12 sq. feet,

which are enough for a desk (4 or more feet high),

an extension cabinet (3 or more feet)

an extension closet (3 or more feet)

a corner table (2 feet or so)

and a few chairs (1 or 2 feet).

And since I’m only looking at 1.25 square feet per square foot,

it’s not going to take long to build the furniture, which will include a shelf or table,

a wardrobe (up to 3 feet or so)

and a small table (up to 2 feet).

If you’re just starting from scratch, then you don’t need the shelves and table.

This is what the third floor will look like.

This is a view from one of the corners.

This is what the fourth floor will look like.

This is a view from one of the corners.

This is what the fifth floor will look like.

You will use the measurements from the second floor to come up with a rough figure for the size of your workspace.

All I needed to do was divide by three.

I’m going to give you a few examples of the parts you’ll need and how you’ll go about building them.

How to Measure for Your Furniture

The first step is to find a chair/table/carpet area that works for you,

and find out how much space you’ll need.

For a couch that sits 4.7 square feet,

this means that you’ll need 4.7 to 6 inches to get your actual measurement.

The most common dimensions are 3.375 to 4.375 inches.

My room is 3.475 by 4.75 feet.

So, for my sofa to be at 4.75 inches long,

that means my chair’s length will be 3.375 inches.

The next dimension is the width. The same thing applies,

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