What are the most profitable handmade crafts? – Small Woodworking Business Plan

1. Sewing/Hand-Stitching/Cutting fabric

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2. Textiles, clothing & accessories

3. Apparel

4. Home Decor (paintings, sculptures, etc.)

5. Knitting

6. Woodworking

7. Jewelry

8. Woodworking, hand-stitched

9. Woodworking, wood furniture and accessories

10. Art & Craft-making & Sculpturing

11. Apparel, clothing, & accessories (mascot accessories) (more)

12. Sewing, sewing kits, needle felting

13. Textiles, clothing and Accessories, mackenzie

14. Apparel, clothing and accessories, craft store sales, art store sales, store tours, sales, store displays

15. Art & Craft-making, Knitting, crocheting, knitting accessories, fabric arts, craft sales

16. Apparel

17. Textiles

18. Clothing & Accessories

19. Hand-stitching/Crafts (paintings, sculptures, etc.)

20. Fashion & Apparel

21. Clothing & Accessories, mackenzie

22. Textiles, clothing and accessories, fashion store sales, art store sales

23. Art & Craft-making & Sculpturing

24. Textiles, clothing and accessories, craft store promotions, art sales, art shop displays, sales, store displays, art store sales, store signs, art store sales, clothing store offers, store displays, clothing store promotions, discount, discount, fashion, discount, discount and beauty, mackenzie, mackenzie, art sales, mackenzie, mackenzie, fashion, mackenzie, mackenzie, mackenzie, art, mackenzie, mackenzie, art, mackenzie, mackenzie, art, mackenzie, mackenzie, mackenzie, art, mackenzie, mackenzie, mackenzie, art, art, art, art

25. Textiles (mackenzie)

26. Textiles (Crafts & Crafts-Making)

27. Textiles, Fashion & Apparel (mackenzie)

28. Textiles, Clothing & Apparel (mackenzie)

29. Textiles, Textiles, Textiles

30. Textiles

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