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How does my city compare with other cities? I would love to have more helpful statistics about local, national and international crafts! Send me your stats, in the comments!

All information is taken from a variety of sources, from local museums, to Wikipedia, Amazon-style catalogs, to actual local information, such as the Chicago Fire or the Chicago Sun-Times.


I’m writing this guide while driving through Chicago for a few hours every weekend. I’ll likely miss a few things, so please feel free to point out any mistakes I’m making.

Disclaimer 2

This guide is based largely on statistics collected by the Chicago Fire and Chicago Tribune. There are some very rough numbers I’m not so sure about, as well. The Chicago Fire, for instance, claim to be at 14.4%, for the season as of July 30, and 15.6% for the last two quarters and this year, but I don’t know of any data that goes back further than 2005.

I’ve also assumed the Fire would make it into the playoffs, as that would be interesting to examine. In the end, that likely won’t happen.

Disclaimer 3

I assume the Fire are at least in the running for a playoff spot. The Chicago Tribune lists the Fire in fourth place from their first playoff finish since 2008. A third place finish would place them third, which would mean they would have a better chance of making the playoffs in 2017 than they currently do.

I’ve also assumed the two MLS Cup trophies, which are worth more to fans than the Supporters’ Shield, are being won by the same team.

Disclaimer 4

I’ve assumed some sort of playoff competition between the Fire and the Chicago Fire will exist, but I’m not sure what kind of competition it would be. If a new playoff format was introduced, I’d probably assume it would be a single playoff round, similar to how the 2015 and 2016 MLS Cup finals were structured.

Disclaimer 5

I’m not looking to evaluate the Fire in any way. I’m just looking for information for people who are curious and/or want to learn a little more.

Disclaimer 6

It really depends on how one looks at the Fire. If one wants to see an example of a poor team, the Fire’s 2015 season should show what not to expect from a Chicago Fire team. The good news for Chicago Fire fans isn’t a repeat of that run. There were

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