What are easy things to make and sell? – Wood Project Business

The simple answer is things like chocolate ice cream, apple pie, chocolate pudding, and a good old fashioned candy store. People are so addicted to instant gratification and candy that they’ve bought these things in droves, and they won’t stop.

We’re all tempted to buy chocolate ice cream when we feel we have to because it’s so satisfying. I’ve learned that there’s almost nothing more satisfying than buying a pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for $7.99 at a grocery or superstore. It’s like having a bunch of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups and I want more. I can’t get enough of them (just try to resist the urge to try to buy a pack). In fact, I don’t even eat them as much as I think about them. I keep trying to get them and finally when it reaches my lips I’m just a little disappointed because it’s almost a full pack! I think what all of our friends, even the people who are still in school, would be surprised by would be those simple items that we make for fun. Maybe a few people can tell you how much candy we make at home and then we’d all be over the moon!

I would love to hear from you. Give me some things that you think are easy to make and sell. What would you do?

“I hate what my body looks like. I hate the way my hands, my feet…”

It’s funny how much we love our bodies and feel confident and in total control of them but really these things have a lot to do with how we perceive ourselves, what others perceive us to be and what our partner perceives of us.

The question is, is there really that much difference between feeling confident and feeling good about what you look like?

We are often told that being in shape is a good thing and that we should never give up that part of ourselves and it never should be a pain. I’ve heard many stories from body shamers and those who claim to be in shape. The same stories were repeated on the forums and the internet for several years: how body confidence can be achieved if you just focus on getting your exercise in.

But what if that’s not true? How do we make our bodies feel like they can be confident in what they have to offer? How do we have confidence in ourselves when our confidence has been questioned and even destroyed by others?

So, what are these “bad” body parts?

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