Should I buy a table saw or miter saw first? – Woodworking Business Plan Guide Pdf

Most table saws are more powerful than any miter saw ever built, so if you choose the right type of miter saw, there is no need to spend money on a machine that will not cut straight. If you plan to cut curved or irregular objects such as logs, you can buy a miter saw that will cut those objects, but the performance of the miter saw itself is not as good as the saw that comes with a benchtop miter saw.

What are the pros and cons of buying a benchtop miter saw?

A benchtop miter saw is an excellent tool for working on large trees. For general house work in general, you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a miter saw; on a good working miter saw you get a bit more power and control when working on wood than you can buy from a manufacturer’s shop. A full tabletop miter saw has a more powerful motor than a benchtop miter saw, but it does have some limitations:

• The benchtop miter saw has only about a 5% power increase as compared with a benchtop miter saw. (1 watt = 1.8 volts, 1 pound = 15 pounds power, per foot of cut).

• The table top miter saw has no power gain over another miter saw at the same power setting (power = power / (5% of power = power, 5% = power per foot of cut)). It is thus limited in the power it can supply to its cutting motor.

• Most table saws have a max power output of 4 to 6 horsepower. There is no power gain over the power output of another miter saw, and a table top miter saw (unless you cut a large number of small logs) will not produce the same results as a benchtop miter saw.

• Table top miter saws will tend to run hotter than the benchtop saw, and have a higher idle speed than a benchtop miter saw.

This graph shows a benchtop miter saw operating at full power in one of our testing temperatures (100°F) during a 10-minute run to a 10-inch diameter log.

To find out what you are paying for, you can run through various comparisons where the miter saw gets a higher score. For instance, what happens with 6 or more cuts in the graph below that are made in this temperature range?

If this happened when

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