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You can get a decent deal on cheap furniture by buying items from a furniture resale shop or making an online purchase like that of Ikea’s Swedish furniture. However, there are more quality items available in stores.

And the best thing about buying furniture online isn’t just how great the furniture looks – but that you can order online ahead of time, knowing you’ll never run out of space.

“I’m not a fan of ‘The Last Ship’ or the movie because they’re not true and they’re not true to life,” said Cervantes. “It is very different from being here and experiencing it. That’s more important than trying to do a remake.”

By Mark Ames

For more than a year now I’ve been writing about how to train your body to recover from a cut. In particular, I’ve focused on body parts like arms and chest.

I recently wrote for the Canadian Sports Medicine Research Journal about a study that looked at the effects of using a modified version – a partial load – of the classic 10-rep-max protocol on an old-school chest-torso split (I’ll talk more about this in a minute).

The study involved 24 patients who had previously performed this protocol on both their arms and their chest. The protocol required that these patients perform 10 reps of 10-rep max at 90% of their 1RM during the last set. The protocol included 5 rest periods during which the participants were able to perform 20 reps each of their respective bodyparts.

When I first heard about this paper, I felt that the inclusion of arm-torso split exercises in a study about the effects of total-rep training on the recovery of the body would be a perfect match for this topic.

But then I started to research it, so in my opinion I’m not the only one.

For starters, the authors of the study didn’t include arm-torso split in their protocol, but one of the arm-torso split training methods, the “tai-chi” exercise, in their sample group. That means this study isn’t an arm-torso split program, in that both of these methods are used.

Secondly, the study authors also excluded many of the arm-torso exercises from their results. They reported no significant differences for their arm-torso split protocol, except in some of their lower back and shoulder variables, that weren’t analyzed.

And lastly, the participants were

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