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There appears to be an emerging consensus among investors and analysts that business in the handicrafts trade is profitable. The primary source of their income is from the sale of products. For example, in 2013, the U.S. government estimated that the value of U.S. goods and services imported from Canada was $7.6 billion, compared with about $1 billion in exports.

This is a significant difference. However, as noted above, Canadian prices are much lower than U.S. ones, and it can be argued that the handicrafts trade is a good investment given the market potential.

A business should be profitable only if its net income over its full year grows at 10% or more, as in the example presented earlier. The business may produce net income between $10 million (for example) and $15 million (for example), but if that net income is below $15 million, it is not a profitable business. It is also important to note that a business that is net worth less than $250 million is considered a business with income of between $15 million and $50 million. Therefore, it’s important to be sure that a business can make a profit at the $25 million mark. A business can be profitable if its current income exceeds its cost of income or at least provides sufficient incentive to continue a business over the long term.

As noted earlier, there have been instances in which handicraft companies have been able to make significant profits. It is difficult to compare the profitability of individual businesses because they operate in separate markets, but in some cases handicrafts have thrived when other businesses failed or closed. There is a growing consensus that handicrafts trade will remain profitable.

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