Is a woodworking business profitable? – How To Start A Small Woodworking Business

No. Woodwork businesses cannot make a money out of their woodworking. They take a risk.

What are they supposed to do?

They are suppose to sell their product.

To sell their product? Can it not be an art. It would be a fine art!

A woodworking business must sell their product to make money. Can it not become an art of its own if they made money selling their product?

Who said that woodworking would not be art?

No one! I have heard people say something about a wooden board, or an ashtray.

Would you like me to repeat the phrase?

Not if the person saying it cannot remember to say it!

It does not matter whether it’s a woodworking business or an art business. You cannot make a profit that way.

You are saying that you are making a profit from your woodworking?

No! The wood is not being sold. It is just being used, just being used. You cannot profit from a board. The same applies to ashtrays. Wood does not produce profit.

You can make a profit with an iron bar. In fact, you may make a profit on iron. Yet, it is the same thing. The problem is that you are selling the iron bar. The reason you are selling is that you are taking a risk. You cannot do that with wood, because you would lose money.

How do you know this?

Because I always try not to sell to any one. It is true that you may sell a few boards to some people. That is alright. But why do you think that they are all going to come to love their wooden woodworking? That is not fine.

What is the problem?

Because you say, “I don’t want the board to come to love its wooden furniture”.

Can you not say “I don’t want the boards to love its wooden woodworking”? Why is that?

Because this wood will never come to love its wooden furniture because you are selling the board. Then it will not be able to come to love it anymore.

This problem exists because you sell it as wood, and so it will never want to be bought.

You will soon be able to see what a woodworker does for their wood…and you cannot sell it. That is it.

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