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While it is difficult to find reliable statistics on their earnings, there are a few facts we can confirm. Furniture makers in Australia are paid a monthly $11.50 per hour, which works out at over $500,000-per-year just on their overtime. It is widely believed that some of these people work on an hourly basis, which is more difficult to calculate accurately, but the numbers are a rough guide. The following is a rough estimate based on the above information.

As you can read from the figures, the pay on a flat wage for a furniture maker is around 20% higher (with a variable rate) than the median wage in Australia. This may be explained by some people having a lower working week and thus being paid more, which in turn creates an incentive to take a lower pay rate, which has the effect of increasing the rate of overtime. A more detailed explanation is below.

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The most popular job in Australia is a fast food employee. Over 50% of Australians work in these types of jobs at some point in their working life. The top 10 occupations with the highest hourly pay are listed below.

The top 10 highest paid jobs

1. A driver (Drivers have the highest hourly pay in the country), with an annual average of $28.75

2. A bar staff

3. A sales assistant

4. A clerk, store clerk

5. A security guard in a hotel, resort or shopping centre

6. A sales representative

7. A driver with retail retail or commercial driving experience

8. An apprentice taxi driver

9. A taxi driver

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