How much can you make as a woodworker?

I can’t be more honest. The amount that I made last year was small enough that I could afford to take off a day here and there. A woodworker that can make $10,000 a year is on the small end of things, though I can see how someone can make $30,000 or more, even if their primary tool isn’t a lathe.

If you’re going to be doing this for real, you should take off five to twenty percent of your wage. This seems like a reasonable rate because all you should know about making wood in general is the amount you can expect to make, plus the number of hours you’ll spend doing so.

What’s your advice for a second job?

First and foremost, do what feels right! I made too many mistakes in my career to try to make every mistake easy. The best advice I would give to a second job is to take it slow so you don’t have to worry about money. If that doesn’t work, find work elsewhere in a more casual setting!

I’m very impressed and delighted that some people want to use wood, especially small-scale woodworking. The woodworking world seems to be really starting to take off as the market becomes more sophisticated by the day; that is an amazing thing to see. I’m excited to see all the different ways that a second job can help someone out.

Thanks to Brian for taking the time to talk to me. See his website for loads more info on his woodworking interests and future gigs!

The New Jersey State Athletic Control Board (NSACB) will hear a challenge for the right to host and host a Super Bowl LI championship game next week from NFL owner, Steve Bisciotti.

The NSACB is required by NFL and state law to accept a challenge if an existing NFL host has “undue benefit” to the state or if the existing NFL host’s benefits exceed what can likely be recovered by other means. The NSACB will determine if the host is eligible to host the Super Bowl LI championship game.

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“I’m glad the Governor and Assembly passed an NFL bill to bring these games back here for the fans,” said Governor Chris Christie. “This will help to ensure New Jersey and its fans continue to enjoy Super Bowl LI. Super Bowl LI can’t come soon enough.”

It’s important to note that for the NSACB to accept a challenge, Commissioner Goodell and his staff must first receive confirmation from