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In this video from the website of the Pipes and Pipes Museum in Westlake Village, Wisconsin, we get a closer look at a few of the sign’s features.

A few words from photographer: Steve Fussell

You’ve seen it on Twitter, on blogs, in news reports, and so on, but now you can get your own version of the popular video showing the massive drop in a single night of gas prices.

That’s because two researchers at Cornell have recently uploaded a video to YouTube that shows the price drop from the current $3.49 per gallon to $1.23 per gallon (and to over $2 per gallon in most gas regions in the country). While they don’t explain how they did it, there are several theories on how they did it.

I know most of you won’t believe this, but my Secret Santa was really smart that I got a gift even though it seemed like they might not be expecting it from such a generous person.

I received a brand new computer so I could learn new skills and keep up with the changing technology. And the best part is, it’s my personal computer, and I can do anything with it. The other gift was not only a gift, but an invitation to the house of a friend of mine to hang out and play some video games! Which I’m sure will be great.

Since they sent this too slow (so I waited for so long!), I’m hoping I’ll get a gift from them in the near future. But in the meantime, I’m really thankful. Thank you, anonymous redditor!

When the Los Angeles Rams’ season was over this past October, Rams head coach Jeff Fisher said this to a group of reporters. His voice rose: “It was a great group, but it wasn’t quite as much fun.”

The Rams, at least, seem to feel that way after watching their season end with four consecutive losses Saturday. With that said, the team has done everything they can to put out a team that was worthy of a playoff bid.

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To put down what they are doing, Rams wide out Robert Woods, at 5-foot-11, 209 pounds, looked more like a linebacker than his predecessor, Kenny Britt, at the position. Woods also seemed to be on a path to a larger role than Britt had during the second half of the 2013 season, which began as a disappointment and ended after Woods helped to anchor a dominant running game.


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