How do I market my woodworking business?

The best way to market is by going to an actual brick and mortar store or online. You can also email the store or show up at the stores to make sales pitches. Just be persistent and try to reach out on the phone and in person.

There is no doubt, however, that a successful online marketplace is easier to sell, since you can get more customers in one visit.

What happens if my product gets too expensive?

If your product gets too expensive to make and your customers lose a huge percentage of their money, they may quit. It’s better to see how the customers feel instead of trying to explain your product to them.

What happened?

The problem isn’t with your product, but with your sales people. You’ve been working behind the scenes to convince customers it’s worth your time and money. You’re not doing your job and they are. Tell them your product is expensive! Just let them know that you will ship them the product for free and give them all their money back.

It’s much easier to get a sale if you don’t have to do that as much.

How can I get customers interested in my business?

Have a really cool product, product that other people have never heard of that you think people will like. If someone comes into your store and looks at your product, ask them about the cool things about it.

Have a cool name and make sure it’s relevant to what the business is all about. If someone comes in and talks about a product called “Horse Carriage” – have a really fun name.

Here are a few tips on building a good profile.

How can I get feedback from customers (to be honest, don’t have anything to give away)?

If you don’t take the product or service seriously then customers will never try to use it. Customers are more likely to just try to get what they want. They may tell you things about you because you’re asking for feedback. Don’t let them try to persuade you or get their opinion based on what the buyer tells them.

It isn’t about what people tell you, your product makes people happy if they’re happy it’s something they want to do. The key is making sure you’re giving the customer something they want.

If you think that customers will buy your product, take it one step farther and let them try it too.

Don’t do that!