How do I market my woodworking business?

This is where it starts to get pretty tricky. If you sell to independent crafters, you may face some pretty tough decisions if you’re not prepared. Here’s what you need to be thinking about for your online shop:

1) What sort of woodworking tools?

If you sell your woodworking equipment online, which are the most important tools that will let you make the most money?

Woodworking equipment is a big deal. You can sell woodturning tools, table saws, routers, mortise-and-tenon tables, and even bench saws online. There is a lot you can sell online with your equipment, but most woodworkers are not savvy enough to understand the value of the right woodturning tool (and sometimes they don’t even need one).

The same goes for woodshop furniture. Most of the furniture companies you see hanging on your walls are not the ones you consider when you’re planning your online shop. It’s important to have something that will help you sell your products and help grow your business. Here are some of the most common tools that make the cut: lathe, sander, router, bench saw, sanding block, floor saw, sanding motor, saw dust collector, sawblades, band saws, plane dust collector, bandsaw dust collector, chisels, chisels and hacksaw blades, raspers, chisels and hacksaw blades, hand plane dust collector, hand planes, hand plane dust collectors, sanding blocks, planishing block dust collector, planing block dust collectors, hand file dust collecter, hand files, hand file dust collection, and file dusters.

2) Would I want to use these tools with my own furniture?

Many of the woodworkers you meet that you’d want to use your furniture with are not comfortable with the power tools that they use. You may know your local craftspeople who have very specific tools that they know the best in their shop. You just have to make sure that’s what you want. Here are some of the items that make the cut (or will make the cut) in terms of being best suited for woodworking: band saw, sanding press, sawblades, plane dust collector.

There are a few tools for woodworkers who do not have access to the best materials. You may want some of the tools at the very minimum, but may find ways to use some of the materials at a