How do I build a cheap workshop? – Woodworking Shops Going Out Of Business

1) Choose a workshop location. You can choose from a wide range of workshop locations. A popular choice is the town square. This is the place where the villagers will gather for work and when you visit a particular village a certain workshop can be built at the site. A useful workshop location is also the workshop that can be found in the city center during a special village event.

2) Build the workshop. Make sure you put your cursor on the “build” part of the workshop construction screen. This is the part where you click on the “Build” button. Make sure you click “Build” on each construction of that particular type. This will not only allow you to use the workshop until your inventory is full, but also increase your crafting experience.

3) Create your first item!

You can see a list of the most useful items in your inventory here. The items you choose must be within the categories “Pewter, Furniture, Jewelry, and Pottery”. Also, make sure you have a decent inventory size in both the items’ respective categories.

4) Buy the first part!

You can sell the first part to the craftsman for 2 copper coins. If you decide to buy something more than this first part you will spend copper coins (or silver coins) to buy it, but it’s possible to sell something you want to trade for other items. Sell this first part to a crafter to gain the ability to make your first item out of copper.

5) Start crafting!

When you enter a newly opened workshop, the first thing you will see is an “Add an item” section. Choose a category (e.g.-Pewter, Furniture, and Jewelry) and create a list of the ingredients (for example: a pottery recipe will be placed in Pottery). Select one and click “Choose and Create” to start creating your workshop.

6) Once your initial workshop is complete, check out your first item!

You can see your completed items in your inventory and check them out to check if you have enough gold to acquire a new one. You can also check your progress on the “My Workshop” screen by clicking “Crafting Progress”.

7) Check out your items again!

Your first crafted item will have a little diamond in the top right corner of the item listing.

8) Make more and sell more!

When you build a second

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