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As a career in carpentry requires learning skills that go beyond traditional handwork, carpentry jobs can have high compensation. However, some carpentry fields are extremely seasonal and the cost of a skilled worker can be very high. For many of these carpentry jobs, compensation should not exceed the average household income. Some jobs may pay less than one-third of the average household annual income.

What is the definition of a carpentry job?

Carpentry is a full-time industry with an average hourly wage of $15. For perspective, the average minimum-wage for a full-time worker in the USA is $9.25 per hour. Thus, if a typical carpentry job is $15 per hour with a $15 hourly wage, an average worker would earn $1,100 per year.

How do I find a carpentry job?

While there are thousands of job listings for carpentry jobs, the jobs listed in this database are not all-inclusive. Check with your local county building department or search the Internet. It is also possible to advertise online, but don’t feel you don’t have any choices. There is no lack of carpentry jobs today and you will be able to find carpentry jobs on this list as well.

Carpentry jobs, like any other industry, requires a high level of education and skills, and the skills necessary will vary according to the work and field it requires you to specialize in. The more advanced the carpentry industry, the larger the pool of skill and education required for skilled workers and the more money you can make if you are successful.

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