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Here is a checklist to use when thinking of your next project, so you don’t forget!

1. Get a saw. You can even buy a power saw and just hold it in your hand when doing most of your work. If the saw is large enough to cut a 4×6 board in 1-1/2″ thick wood you are ready to start. You can get it for about 2-3 bucks, or if you have more free time, do so. You can buy a woodworking kit or you can buy one. I would have gotten the kit on amazon but the prices were just too good to pass up.

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2. Get a table saw. I’m talking about those big things that are expensive. I have one, but I am getting ready to get rid of it, so I’m hoping I can find a cheaper saw for a bit longer. The cheapest of those is a $350 one from Walmart or Costco. It’s been 3 years and the cost is climbing fast but it can cut a 4×4 easily for two hours. I do use the saw for most woodworking projects so my options are limited, but if you really want to get into woodwork you should get your own.

3. Get a jigsaw. I would recommend getting a jigsaw to make your cabinet work or anything else that requires a jigsaw. I got this when it was still made in China but still decent quality. I would buy it now, but you might spend more and it may break in a few years. You’ll need several pieces of wood for the whole job, the wood size being an important factor. If the cabinet can accommodate 1/2″ board I would do one 4×4 and one 1/2″ x 1/2″ board only, but it is also useful for cabinets up to 36″ tall.

4. Get a router table. The best router table on the market is a $800 model from Crafty Bench. I think that is the best, but you really can’t go wrong. Also, many people don’t like the way different materials cut. It could get a little confusing, but I like that. Don’t be afraid of going for a bit less (I do), and be sure you get a nice set so that you have them for years to come.

5. Get a lathe. This one is pretty much the same as the saw, and it will also cut 2x4s and 1x4s

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