How can I make money from woodworking at home? – Custom Woodworking Business Near Me 54115

I’d love to help you out, either at home or on the road. If you have an idea for a way to make money at home, let me know.

I’m looking for advice. What can I do?

Please see the links at the top of this page.

I’m a teacher of the Crafts trade. What can I do?

Send me an email with any specific questions, and I will do all I can find. I will not do anything for you unless you give me money.

I’m a maker. Can you tell me about selling my pieces to people?

I am not an artisan. You can do that if you want. But if you’re an expert in making the right stuff, it’s not a big deal for you to sell that stuff. Your best sales are with customers. And if you can sell that stuff in sufficient quantities to make money, great!

I’m a commercial woodworker. What can I do?

I also don’t work for any large companies, so I can’t help with this at all. But if you think something works for you and want to try it out, let me know.

I’m a professional artist. Can I find help in my commercial arts class?

Some art schools can take art class as a group. If your school can offer anything like that, let me know.

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