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By providing valuable advice or services to a client, you can generate a substantial return on your investment. This may include working on projects that are outside of your current skill set and working with clients that need to be taught or strengthened in a wide variety of skills. You can even earn a small commission on your commissions as a teacher. This is especially helpful for businesses that have had a difficult time recruiting skilled new employees.

As a free, no-obligation workshop, you will receive all the equipment, experience, and materials you need to perform a range of construction and design projects in your own workshop.

Where do I set up my workshop?

The woodworking and design space provided in this workshop contains all the necessary tools, supplies, and materials to develop creative woodworking designs and projects. Once you register for this course, you will have unlimited access to this space.

If you need assistance setting-up your workshop, please contact our office at 416-945-3113 for assistance with your equipment request.

What are the delivery dates?

This is an introductory workshop for new woodworkers and professional designers. After you register, you will receive a complete list of free-standing, self-supporting workstations. We have multiple workstation sizes, lengths, and styles for you to get you started. We also provide you with a comprehensive set of books on woodworking technique and design, as well as a collection of books on different woodworking topics such as cabinet design, joinery, and structural drafting. You will also benefit from having access to a large library of high-quality books and magazines, all available at your workshop. We have a variety of tools and parts that are easy to use – ranging from hand tools, jigs and fixtures, to milling table and routers. The set-up for your workstations will be detailed, and we do our best to keep all machines operating properly.

You have the opportunity to learn all the basics of furniture making and building at your home. You will build a wide variety of woodworking and design projects from simple to elaborate, using a wide variety of woodworking tools and materials. In addition to the materials and tools, you will receive an extensive training program that will provide you with the knowledge and experience to design your own unique woodworking designs.

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What are the payment options?

Your first payment for this workshop is $60.00, which includes the time and material required to complete this

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