How can I make $100 a day?

Here are some possible things to do if you are so minded.

1. Find someone who will work for you and provide you with a wage.

How to Create a Profitable Woodworking Business Plan
Look for any job that requires some sort of wage.

2. Get friends from school or college who are in the same salary range working under similar circumstances.

3. If you have some extra money on hand, use it to apply to a local college or university and apply for an internship.

4. If you can afford it, make a living selling/purchasing goods/vending to friends as part of your side hustle/gift shop/whatever.

5. Join a student union.

6. Join a local chapter of your local student organization, get some recognition as a member and get on as a staff member.

7. Get a degree in one of your favorite subjects.

8. Try your hand at anything you can think of.

9. Find ways to turn what you are given into money.

10. Buy books, play music, watch or attend movies (unless you’re in an improv group, in which case get up and create your own routine).

11. Don’t be afraid to do anything.

12. Join a local YMCA.

13. Visit bookstores and buy books.

14. Write articles, write blog posts, write letters to your local newspaper.

15. Get back on your feet.

16. Take to a bar and work as a bartender.

17. Get back on your feet.

18. Take to a dance team. (I’ve done this!)

19. Take to a church and worship as a worshiper. (I’ve done that too!)

20. Get your parents to raise you.

21. Get your husband to go to college.

22. Pay for college.

23. Get your husband to do whatever he has to do just to make ends meet.

24. Make any money you can.

25. Write an essay, a journal entry, a story.

26. Get yourself hired at a bookstore!

27. Make any money you can get (I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one to say this).

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