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– Woodworking is an art and an education. Your skills will only improve from the practice, so you need to get a workshop. Whether you’re looking for a traditional workshop or a modern, open-ended workshop, here are some of our favourites:

Woodstock – In addition to helping you to hone your craft, Woodstock Studio in New York provides instruction, workshops and a variety of woodworking projects. While you’re there, feel free to stop by the woodworking classes offered by Stitch & Die and visit the shop in-store.

Woodbury Woodworking School – Woodbury is a comprehensive woodworking school based in Woodbury, OH. Your woodworking and jewelry skills will be honed at Woodbury Woodworking School.

Woodworker’s Guild – The Woodworker’s Guild is a trade organization that has nearly 200,000 members and more than 10,000 chapters spanning 60 years of history. Woodworker’s Guild members earn more than $500,000+ annually in memberships and benefits and earn over $90,000 in annual dues, which gives them the ability to provide affordable, quality member support, and offer professional development activities to help members learn how to take their woodworking skills to the next level.

Stitch & Die – Located in downtown Pittsburgh, PA, Stitch & Die offers woodworking classes to adults and children. While your skills will help you create beautiful and functional projects, your shop experience will be invaluable.

Roland’s Woodworking – Whether you want to become a professional, an advanced woodworker or are just starting out, we’ve got you covered. Come visit us and check out the store and woodworking classes we offer.

Skeinhead – With offices in Portland, NC, and Los Angeles, the largest maker shop of its kind, Skeinhead is dedicated to creating the future of manufacturing and the tools of tomorrow. Our products include handspoked metal tools based on the best in high-volume, affordable craft-tool manufacturing, including woodworking and steelworking.

Skeinhead’s Artisan & Craftsmanship shop has been serving the woodworking marketplace since 2009, at affordable prices from one of the best producers in the trade.

L.P. Woodworking – Built around the philosophy of “What You Make, You Buy,” L.P. Woodworking is dedicated to providing the best quality and service by offering the tools that will help you to build the craft you desire. From our flagship collection of Hand

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