Can you make a living making furniture?

A: Oh, yeah. I really enjoy making a living. I was a writer, and I did really poorly for a lot of reasons, most of them I think are because I was a terrible person and a lousy husband, but it’s kind of my favorite job. I mean, it is a terrible job, especially because there are not a lot of really good jobs these days where you can go, ‘See how I can make more money working on stuff as opposed to, like, writing fiction or stuff.’ It feels kind of crappy, but you also feel like you’re making progress. But it feels like progress.
A woodworking business may be a small home business that serves ...

“But honestly, I think one reason I don’t do it as much as I’d like to is that, like, I don’t get paid that well, so it’s just not really a job that I’m ready to do.”

Q: If you have a question about furniture making or about design or about writing, what’s the best place to get a good design internship?

A: One of the great things about internships is that they don’t really mean as much as an office job, but they do mean that a lot of designers are in college where they would not have a chance to get an internship at all if it were not a design internship.

One of my favorite ways to get that is to work with people who are really young kids who are really passionate about the product. And what makes this kind of work really great is that those kids are also doing a great deal of thinking about the product, trying to figure out how we can make it better, figuring out how we can give people the best experience. This is not a design business, but I think this is really interesting: a lot of younger designers get into this work really early, so some of our internships are very early. And often, if the internship is really great, they’ll move to a different job, but a lot of them stay. Because that is one reason why the design business is such a wonderful place — you can kind of move into that world, and you know how to live without it. Like, it’s amazing. You want to live outside it, so you get into it.

A lot of the time, when we talk about the new iPad we talk about a big screen and the iPad mini. This is true, if you’re looking for a tablet, but what’s interesting is not so much the physical size of the device versus the size of