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In the end, there were very few instances where he would come out with a profit during his 10-year career.

When asked how much Woodchuck made, he didn’t reply, only said: “I think the biggest amount would be around $250,000 a year.” However, as the website notes, that’s just a fraction of what you’d pay if you started from scratch.

“After 20 years of hard work I still can’t beat the price for my woodworking shop!” – David Woodchuck

How many other woodworkers can be the same?

The Woodchuck website says there are about a dozen others who work with the same techniques and equipment.

“And they’re the people we’d call the true woodworkers.” – David Woodchuck

Why don’t woodworkers start their own shops?

In Woodchuck’s opinion, the biggest thing holding them back from starting their own shop is the cost of starting one.

“After 20 years of hard work I still can’t beat the price for my woodworking shop!” — David Woodchuck

In an interview with the Woodchuck website, he said, “I think the biggest and most difficult challenge to people who want to start a woodworking shop is the initial cost.”

“To get started, you have to pay somewhere between $200-300 per square foot for lumber. Even the most experienced woodworkers won’t find that much for an area in their budget. I do this because the idea of starting it yourself is so inspiring, but the time is usually short and the materials are expensive. So I have to convince myself that my ability could be a success if I go the full 10 years of what happened to me. And I do have a lot of respect for my elders, who have been successful for so long.”

Why does Woodchuck hate it when others use his name without permission?

“There are several instances in which people have tried to do my woodwork in their shop without asking if I would ever allow it, and in a couple cases I’ve actually sent a couple of my customers letters saying how hurt I am by the practice. They get that the guy that doesn’t let me do my work in his shop is not one of my real friends. It’s sad.”

Woodchuck said he hasn’t received any direct e-mails from others asking to use the Woodchuck name, but he told

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