Why do I always lose at roulette?

The fact that you never win is a sign that your skill is insufficient, that you aren’t sufficiently motivated. Even though I can play roulette until I am blue in the face, and no-one else can do it, that doesn’t mean it’s a great game for me, especially when I haven’t got the time or motivation to play. It’s really that simple. But how to keep the motivation going?

I read an article in Sports Illustrated recently which said:

“A great skill is a drive to practice, practice, practice. And in sports that means that you have to practice all the time. You have to play every game so you can win. And in this sense, it’s a drive to play to win, even when it’s not easy. ”

That explains it. A true drive to win.

I hope you can use it.

The last and most important piece on motivation is this point of the article:

“You’ve got to do that work. You have to put yourself in a situation, put yourself into difficult situations. The way you learn to play chess and play a game of tennis is by playing the difficult positions so you can get better. So if you have to be in that situation to practice, you can do that. The problem is if you don’t do it until you’re 70, that’s when you might be very tired; people who can practice that way can get pretty tired and be a great player.”

What is the most important aspect in motivation? Is it the act or the process?

I believe the answer is the act, so let me give you two examples.

First is when I was working out I got a job offer within a week, so after going back to my apartment for a bit I jumped at the chance. And I put all my focus into working out. And after a few days I realized I wasn’t motivated to do that, and decided to quit. But I still had work. How long can you work out, really? I started over and the effort didn’t feel as rewarding as they did in the beginning.

Next example was getting a job after reading several articles in the magazine about getting a job and being motivated by the prospect of becoming a better player. I got an offer within a week for a job as a sales representative. And it took me a few more days, but still I could see how the prospect of getting that job turned into something