Why do casino always wins?

When it comes to the games of poker, there’s an obvious answer, and it is called the house advantage: When you have more money to spend on chips (or the equivalent in cards) than you have poker chips (or the equivalent in cards), then the game is guaranteed to win for you.

As I already explained, that’s not an easy thing to achieve to begin with. If you start playing poker to make money, you’ll eventually run out of chips, unless you play to gain exposure to the casino. And for an example of a casino with such a house advantage, look no further than the $9.9 billion dollar slot-machine industry.

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This article is about the subject of the comic. For the novel of the same name by Chris Metzen, see Unholy Avenger

The Unholy Avenger is a black-red creature encountered throughout the Un’Goro Crater, a large underground caverns, located in Azjol-Nerub. A member of the Dark Iron Horde, the original name for the Dark Irons, the Unholy Avenger is a massive black bear-like creature with a massive, thick black fur. He is a very powerful shaman who serves under the leadership of a shaman named Neltharion.


Healing Wave (D to Melee) – A small amount of damage to all nearby targets.

Raging Bloodlust (D to Melee) – Rages and charges in a cyclone around you.

Mortify (Juke) – Unstable Anomaly causes you to deal 15% damage and knockback your enemies. (Cannot be reflected)

Rage (D to Melee)

Attack – Neltharion will attack the afflicted target with a wave of dark shaman magic that strikes them several times. He will also strike them with a wave of dark shaman magic that causes them to strike everyone in a wide cone for around 30% damage.

Damage – Neltharion will strike any target in a wide cone of energy damage.

The Bloodlust ability is also a single target ability, dealing damage to all nearby hostile targets in a cone while channeling with the Unholy Avenger. The ability can be interrupted for a small amount of time to prevent the channel from ending.

Taunt (Taunt) – Enters a berserk state for 20 seconds

Blood Frenzy (Rage)
Gambler bets $35,000 of chips on single roulette spin and wins ...