Who is the richest casino owner?

It’s Bill Gates, who owns the world’s fourth biggest casino. This guy is known for investing a ton of his wealth in education. I think people don’t know about all these investments, but he’s done something that the majority of the people didn’t do: He funded college education. The thing about Bill Gates is he’s a very good-hearted man, but he’s also very wise, so he’s been helping to drive education in the United States and around the world.

What are the top 3 causes of death in the United States?

You’ve got diabetes, pneumonia and cardiovascular disease.

The most important aspect of the TED conference that I have noticed is how much time the speakers spend on a personal perspective. You may think that’s the least important, but there are a lot of people who work hard to give back. For example, the CEO at Starbucks is trying to raise a minimum wage increase and also making sure that people in his community can participate in making the cups more appealing to their taste. I think that’s an example of how we as a society create an obligation on the part of the people doing good to make the good work for the people who need it.

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What is your most memorable moment from the TED Conference?

The most memorable moment was getting to introduce Ted. If I didn’t give it to you, you might have never heard of him. Then, right after the talk, TED took off the laptop from my laptop and gave it to some people. Then, during the discussion, I saw that TED had taken down the YouTube video where I talked about a bunch of things that we’ve talked about on the show, but in a way that has to do with the TED conference and all that.

You’ve called your book Unplugged “unplugged” because of “unplugging” the public from all the things they “need.” Is the public “plugged in” enough for you?

No, when we talk about unplugging, what we’re basically talking about is unplugging the whole ecosystem in which we function. All the products we buy—books, software, clothing, furniture, health care, etc.—all the information we consume, the information that we get about the world, etc., are all products of this ecosystem. We have a tendency (in the West) to think about ourselves as having to control these things. We don’t, and to be honest with you, I actually don’t