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As we mentioned earlier, China and India are expected to lose $2 trillion every year by 2050. These two countries’ gambling losses may put their economies at risk.

What are some countries that gamble the most?

According to the Gambling Risk Index, the top 25 countries with the highest gambling losses are:

#27: Belgium

#32: Greece – €2.5 trillion loss

#37: Ireland – €1.9 trillion loss

#43: United States of America – €1.7 trillion loss

#53: Portugal

#65: Austria

#87: Japan

#110: Norway

#115: New Zealand

#123: Switzerland

#125: Spain

#133: Denmark

#138: Ireland – €1.1 trillion loss

#143: Netherlands

#153: Austria – €879 billion loss
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#157: Luxembourg

#192: Luxembourg

#205: Luxembourg

#236: Luxembourg

#241: Switzerland

#251: France – €581 billion loss

#267: Spain – €468 billion loss

#283: Portugal -€440 billion loss

#291: Japan – €380 billion loss

#295: France

#304: Netherlands – €324 billion loss

Gambling on the Edge:

This month’s Gaijin Entertainment Weekly has an interview with Taeyoung!

In this issue, Taeyoung describes her experience on ‘NU’ as a person. She talks about the people she met on the show, ‘NU’, she is getting older, and her goals.

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Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion in San Francisco, California. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

It was the end of a long and dark era for Playboy magazine. In 1973, Playboy was purchased by an American billionaire with a $200,000 loan to pay for the magazine. It was at that time that Playboy’s famous founder Hugh Hefner took possession of the mansion that would become famous as the Playboy Mansion in San Francisco, California where Hefner would raise his family of 14 including his future wife, Judy, and three children.

Judy and Hugh Hefner.

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