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A federal-level agency is warning of a possible terrorist attack on the country’s airports if the ban is signed into law, according to an internal email from the Federal Business Opportunities Agency.

An internal memo that was distributed to the agency’s employees, obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, warns airlines and airports that a similar attack could occur if President Trump’s executive order, which went into effect this weekend, is approved.

“I strongly urge you to be vigilant,” wrote the internal email, sent from the agency’s homeland security director, Michael Chertoff, to staff and obtained by the Free Beacon. “You know that this is your country’s property. It could come under attack at any time, by anyone. And if it does… we need to be alert and ready because, in some rare circumstances, you should be prepared and ready right away.”

An airport near the Department of Homeland Security, known as Dulles International Airport, was attacked in 2002 by a group of jihadis before the terrorists were shot down in a U.S. airstrike.

Chertoff stressed that the FBI, Homeland Security, and Joint Terrorism Task Force teams are on scene “as we speak… just so that you are aware.” He called it the “the best protection we’ve got under the current law.”

But the agency warned that, if the travel ban goes through, terrorist groups will attempt to use the same tactics they used during the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan to gain access to U.S. airports.

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