What jobs make the most money in Las Vegas?

Here’s a look at what’s hot for real estate investors and real estate agents—which is not necessarily what’s hot for real estate consumers.

Las Vegas Casino Resorts—Capella

As part of its expansion into the world of real estate, Las Vegas Casino Resorts (LGV) partnered with Capella Investment in January 2014 to announce that the company would be launching a new casino in Las Vegas—a $1 billion project that would include two casino towers with the potential to double as hotels. It appears that LGV, already the largest casino operator in Las Vegas, is now looking to double down on Las Vegas and further expand its portfolio of resorts.

Las Vegas City-County Convention and Visitors Bureau

The Las Vegas City-County Convention and Visitors Bureau (LCVB) has been growing steadily while maintaining its independence—thanks to its annual conference being held in Las Vegas every year, and its own events happening all around town. In 2014, the organization spent $1.5 million to expand and upgrade its facilities in Downtown Las Vegas. As part of this funding the LCVB is currently seeking to purchase the old Hyatt downtown, the former Hotel Rio, and another former hotel in the South Las Vegas Strip to make space for its new conference and exhibition facilities.

New York City Economic Development Corp.

The New York City Economic Development Corp.—one of the three agencies tasked with fostering growth and job creation in the city. The agency has been focused on making the city more of an economic hub since its inception and has been helping to transform Downtown Manhattan into a vibrant business and tourism destination since its creation in 1980. The NYDCC has helped revitalize many other neighborhoods in Manhattan, including its headquarters in Midtown and The Times Square.

The New York Business Journal

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