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It is the most profitable casino in the world, and you are never going to get your money back!

Why is Las Vegas the richest gaming locale in the world? Why is it also the world’s largest, and largest casino by square footage? As such, it is able to hold more than 5 million people per year in total, which is huge, but not even the most profitable casinos in the world are able to do it.

And why is Las Vegas the most expensive Las Vegas casino? While there is certainly a large number of reasons why Las Vegas is a place where you can live with very little money, you can also count on at least one of those four to be a result of Vegas’s very high cost of living.

A major factor is what is known as “the casino tax”.

This is a tax levied on all games of chance of which gambling is concerned.

And, it is estimated in Las Vegas that the casino tax alone has cost it more than $150 million dollars in the last few years alone.

In fact, some of those games of chance are things where you need a casino card, but you probably don’t have one.

And the cost can be very high.

The tax on gambling is a very powerful motivator to gamble, because it increases the amount of money you will spend in the gambling industry, and when you get to be in the top five most expensive slots in the world, you may have to put yourself back into the position where you’re earning money off of gambling.

I’ll break them down as best I can.
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A quick note on the Vegas Casino Tax

I’m going to use Vegas as an example, because I am fairly sure every other state has had a slot tax imposed on the games of chance offered at the casino. And, most other states have made a very strong effort to try to get casinos to either raise the rate or pass some kind of cap on the amount of fees they can charge, however, many states have not done so and simply do not have a state tax at all.

The current state tax on gambling in Nevada is 25%, and this does not include any federal taxes.

It includes the following fees.

Gambling Fees

Casinos are required to collect $10,000 dollars from each slot player to fund these payments, which adds up to $10,000 dollars every week that are held in escrow until those payments are made.

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