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Roughly, $1,000 for the first win, $2,000 for each additional win and $4,000 per month for the rest of the bets.

That said, I’ve been taking those losses as a sign of a savvy player, I’m always on high alert and my game is very advanced. It’s not just that I’ve lost $4,000. It’s because I’ve also played $10,000 at the wheel and still have a win to add to my ledger. The game has a real buzz.

What are the chances of winning?

As of right now, there is an extremely low chance of winning a million dollars, let alone the whole prize pool. The odds of winning a million dollars are approximately 2-8-10.

What about a million dollars over the years?

This is quite common as the casino industry has been making large profits. I’ve won $500,000 in Las Vegas and I’ve also won $40,000 at the casino where I live in the Philippines. The casino I live in pays the winning player 2%-5% of the winnings so it is much more realistic to assume that the player’s winnings will be in the range of 1-2% of a million dollars.

How do I calculate my bets when I’m playing?

You want to start by placing your bets before your “start” time of 7PM. In case of multiple rounds, each round is placed at a different location (one to one, two to two, etc) so your bets can be sorted accordingly and you can play in the desired order. The “start time” is the time when the dice are first rolled.

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The casino has two different systems for determining your start time. They start at 6:30AM, or 7:00AM, and then go to midnight, or 8:30PM. That’s why it is more important to start your bets as early as you can before the start time changes.

What happens if a win occurs?

As a rule of thumb, if you win a million, your payout is multiplied by one million as normal in the casino. If after winning, you can’t sell your winnings, they will continue to add to your winning pool. You can keep the payout amount in the bank.

However, if a player wins more than $5000 per month they have to go to an ATM to withdraw $5,000

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