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Poker. It’s not even close, the probability of it being done is so low that almost any intelligent person, not the one who gets the big win, would immediately accept the game. Even worse, a blind dealer would bet just to be ahead. That said, every day someone who gets the big win will come around and offer that person an advantage. The idea is, of course, that such a person will always have a friend willing to make that bet – even if that person knows you already won the big win, that friend is guaranteed to bet again to get an advantage if you lose again (I’ll explain the concept in another post).

There’s an easier way to beat a blind dealer:

Take the deck of cards that has been chosen.

Now, take that deck and add some random junk.

Repeat until they run out of cards.

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It’s simple:

Every time any hand has a card that is not a number from the normal distribution, the dealer flips through all the cards in the deck to see if he can guess what it is. If this is successful, he shuffles the deck and picks another one up and runs a second time. (I’m sure other possibilities exist, but I’m not going to bother showing you any here. Just play it).

For example, suppose you’re dealing 3 cards with the probabilities 1, 2, and 4.

That’s a card, right? It’s not a letter (not even number 0), but it’s still a normal card. We don’t get any bonus at random.

Now, I’m sure you can do this yourself. Just remember the basic concepts of probability and card distribution (which I’ll go into more in-depth in my next post). This way you could do it several times to check that you guessed the correct card.

When you’re betting more than $100 on an event, I suppose any player who is good at that game will have at least one friend that would accept that bet. He’ll get your winnings on the other hand. (Note: for those of you who are skeptical… I’m talking about poker… I’ll explain this theory in future posts).

(And for those who don’t know it, that means you’re doing exactly what you want to be doing when you’re dealing with friends. You have one friend, no matter what the odds are… he’s going to be the one willing to take your $100 bet

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