What is the maximum bet for roulette in Vegas? – Online Roulette Wheel Layout Card Templates

In Vegas, you can only place a maximum bet of $250,000 on a single wheel. For example, the $1.5 billion bet against the Greens came with a maximum bet of $250,000.

Here’s the breakdown of each wheel:

1st wheel $1 million

2nd wheel


3rd wheel $25,000

4th wheel $15,000

5th wheel $10,000


Winners go first

Loser goes first in reverse order of placing

$250,000 bet will win one wheel and lose the other two

A $125,000 bet against the Green will win one wheel and lose the other two rounds

A $500,000 bet against the Greens will win one wheel and lose the other two rounds.

The total total that will win each round is $750,000

In total, there is a maximum of $1 million guaranteed from each spin of the wheel.

It seems like a lot of money, and that could make Las Vegas quite a popular betting destination if you’re in the area. Don’t forget, that bet can be converted to cash if left with a full house.

You have to be a regular gambler to get a seat at the table, though, as the casino does have a “Gambling Guaranteed” that will refund you just over 40% of your total bets if you don’t pay.

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