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Double ball roulette is one of the oldest, but most popular games. A game in which the player is required to press two buttons at the same time. To play, players must be familiar with basic board games and have a solid grasp of mathematics. There are two kinds of doubles: two identical buttons which will make a ball appear to land on its own, and an identical button which will make a ball stay on its own until the player presses two different buttons at the same time or until the ball goes off or the player goes off if the double ball has lost its identity. There is no guarantee that one of the two buttons will make a ball appear either on its own or stay on the surface of the table. Some people do not like the sound of this game. There are several common misconceptions about this game. Although it is very hard to get the right combination of moves in a single round, there is a great deal of skill involved in playing. The simplest way to play is to have a friend or two play. A second player can sit on their left and play with a third player. Another method is to use the freehand method. Players are given three balls and are given five balls to choose from. They can use the same three or five balls as the main players, or they can take the five ball, two ball, or freehand method. The players should keep their hands straight and make the same choices as the main players. Players are allowed a five-to-five ratio. The next highest number is allowed to win two balls, the next five are allowed to win two balls, and the last five balls are allowed to win two balls each. The two game players then decide what they will do next. In this style of play, players can play many rounds in the same round. Sometimes two different sets of rules are used. Generally everyone plays without cheating. If a player wants to continue the game by playing against someone else without cheating, both players will have to agree to do so. The next round starts when either player has three or five balls. In the fourth, fifth, and sixth games, the player who has left first can choose to continue without cheating, while the left-hand player will have to choose to cheat first and be the winner of seven balls. The final game starts after the game player has six or seven balls. The fifth game ends when there are seven balls left. When a group is playing the same table game multiple times in succession, each time it ends with a tie. A
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