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A 1 1 payout is for the entire run of a coin on launch and for the whole coin supply to be 100% of its value on launch (it includes in your earnings any coins you mined). This means that a coin that starts with 1 satoshi (0.0000000000000000000000001) and ends with 100 satoshis (0.0000000000000000000000001) would be worth 100000.

Why are there multiple payout modes?
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If you use a coin wallet of your choice you might find that your coins have difficulty with finding a given reward at certain times, and also that certain coins earn an automatic payout at certain times.

If you want to know how your coins are earned, you can read this page for information, and if you think you might have a specific time-sensitive situation, you will certainly want to discuss it with the wallet developer directly to check.

What is Difficulty?

Difficulty, also known as the difficulty, how much work it takes to find a block, is a measure of how difficult it is to find a given block for a given set of inputs.

How are the difficulty adjustments?

Your difficulty changes whenever the network adjusts its consensus rules. If you think you might need to increase your difficulty, it is recommended that you do so during the first 10 minutes of any fork (see

How much time should you plan to spend on Difficulty?

You should calculate this when you decide if and how to spend time on Difficulty. But it would be better to try to spend as much of the first 10 minutes as possible, to see how difficult it gets during the next fork.

Can I see the current Difficulty with a node like nodemonero?

Not yet, but later versions will probably include a “info” button that shows it.

Can I check if another client is mining a new coin with a particular difficulty?

Yes! If you want to know how the difficulty is working, you need to send your coins to your wallet and see whether it got the reward you requested.

What is a difficulty adjustment? How are they worked in ?

First of all there are two steps:

1. Calculate the amount of difficulty that your coins need to find. This can be done with the “difficulty calculation” (difficulty = n(inputs) * k(output

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