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A man was shot and killed with the police department’s help early Friday morning in South St. Louis. FOX 2’s Joe Marrazzo is the last to know the full story.

The shooting happened on the 1000 block of East Grand and West Montrose in St. Louis.

The victim was shot in the back while attempting to flee police, according to the department.

“He was running away on foot. He reached into his pocket,” Lt. Mike Fitch said.

Fitch said the man took something out of his pocket and shot himself, believing that someone was on him that he couldn’t get away.

The man was transferred to a hospital with life-threatening wounds and died later.

The South St. Louis Police Department said the man was not armed with a weapon.

“They came upon a citizen who was engaged in running away with a firearm when fired upon, and he came into contact with a police officer,” the spokesman said, but added that officers “did not discharge their respective weapons.”

The spokesman said the officers were called in to investigate and the victim was taken to a local hospital.

The suspect, whose name has not been released, is not a law enforcement officer. He reportedly is armed with a handgun.

The Obama administration on Wednesday announced a new national standards for commercial- and institutional-grade water treatment plants. But it also said its new requirements for industry “will ensure that more effective pollution control measures are deployed in communities and states that need them most.”

The new rules require more stringent standards for treatment plant operators, who are not currently required to make a certain level of quality-of-drink water available to consumers in communities where drinking-water treatment facilities also have been found to meet the high-risk standard.

The new criteria are the latest development in a decades-long battle between environmentalists seeking cleaner water and industry and states struggling to meet federal regulations.

The administration called the standards “proximity-based,” a reference to standards proposed for use in industrial facilities.

But the new requirements could also affect the federal level, since the EPA considers some types of water treatment facilities to be low risk if they use the proximity-based method.


The new standards, which went into affect this summer, will apply to facilities with a combined annual intake of 30 million gallons.

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