What color is 17 in roulette?

18:15 A.I.: Is it colorless?

18:16 A.I.: Or is it something that we can only see?

18:17 J.E.: Colorless is color not seen

18:18 B.M.: Color not visible is color seen

18:19 A.I.: If I look really closely, I will see it if I’m good at seeing things

18:20 J.E.: Maybe I can’t see color

18:21 B.M.: But I might be able to

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18:22 A.I.: I can. I don’t even need to get out a magnifying glass to be able to see things

18:23 J.E.: You can see them when their color isn’t visible

18:24 J.E.: Like for example, I can see the colors when the colors aren’t visible

18:25 A.I.: That means you don’t have color blindness

18:26 B.M.: It doesn’t mean they are all yellow

18:27 A.I.: I’m talking about the way they’re really red

18:28 J.E.: They’re all blue

18:29 A.I.: I’m not saying it’s always black and white

18:30 J.E.: It isn’t always

18:31 J.E.: But if I take a black and white picture

18:32 A.I.: They wouldn’t be black and white

18:33 Q.T.T.: I think black and white is probably not the case

18:33 J.E.: No, black and white is true

18:33 B.M.: Okay. So black and white should be like colors

18:33 J.E.: But this is an example of when a color and color aren’t really the same?

18:33 J.E.: Well, color and what we see should be the same

18:33 A.I.: I don’t know if the color is the same

18:33 J.E.: Color should be red and blue

18:34 A.I.: But black and white can be shades of red and blue

18:34 J.E.: Yes, just like the color of water.

18:35 A.I.: So it’s not about