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Dark Green, for sure, but it is not so easily recognized by looking at the picture; green usually means blue. It’s easy, then, to see why the term “red” is so difficult to define. Is orange also too hard to distinguish? The answer: Yes. You only have to look at the name to understand it. Is light orange white? No, it looks white anyway, but is it, of course, light orange? Sometimes it is, but it is white. In the case of the word “orange,” which seems to refer to a color other than, say, white, there is a great deal of discussion around “white” all the time, because it can seem at first to be so difficult to make out what that really means. So it’s important to remember that the word “orange” does not mean white, but rather a color from which it can be made to turn bright.
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Is it possible to tell if someone has a light pink nose, a light blue nose or a dark brown nose? This is something that is easy to remember, because you know that each of those characteristics is either a combination of two colors, or an even combination of two colors, which is called a tricolor. In other words, to think of two colors is to think of combinations on a scale of one to one thousand. For instance, here’s a color wheel with two possible combinations for yellow, blue and pink — and this example is only a small fraction of the possibilities. We can add other combinations to the spectrum to show that you do not have to think of these combinations on a small scale, or on a scale of one-thousand. A tricolor, a combination of two colors, is the best visual metaphor for this concept. Just like a computer, each bit can be mapped on a single square for further analysis.

I have already mentioned the fact that each bit is composed of millions of little bits (the bit itself, the color, the frequency spectrum). To think of those millions of bits as a sequence of dots, or clusters or regions, as we call them in mathematics, is just as easy as thinking of those thousands of bits as a series of balls that moves up and down the chart representing light. We cannot think of the chart as a sequence of dots, nor can we think of it as the dots as a sequence of balls, so as to have a picture that looks like the chart, let us call the chart a ball chart.


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