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If you were to ask this question to people in the betting industry, they would probably answer that the “winning” ball has some color as you get closer to it. It might be blue, orange, yellow, orange-red, red-brown, or any other color that makes sense in the context of the game.

That’s because when you’re betting on roulette, you’re playing against a roulette wheel that is not a perfect ball (i.e. a perfectly round number, with no more than two distinct colors), but rather is a randomly selected number between two and three times the number of possible numbers.

The best balls from roulette are blue, orange, or yellow, because they are the most consistent. But that’s not always the case in the world of sports betting. We’re more likely to bet on colors that make sense for the specific game, like red (a betting color in roulette) or orange (a betting color in baseball).

What color do I use to mark my bets in

With we automatically mark your bets with a color if it makes sense for the game. It’s easy to see what color it is when you hit the play button below:

Betting On The Colors Of A Betspot

Now let’s take a look at some of the colors that you would most likely be betting on in a sports betting game.


The most recognizable color among sports gamblers. Red is the color the majority of the population is associated with: red carpet and “the red zone,” to use some sports-focused terms. Red is also the color reserved for football, which is one of the most popular sports in the world.

This article describes the various colors of football and explains which athletes are associated with each color.


The same color as red, but not as frequently worn by athletes and coaches. Blue does not occur often in sports betting but many bettors prefer it to match its counterpart when betting on professional football.


The most popular ball-game colored ball-game color. It’s the color associated with most of the teams playing in the NFL and European football tournaments. People tend to use orange as the betting color in football because it resembles the orange color of football, but it also looks very similar to blue. Orange is almost always a winning color in sports betting.

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The color associated

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